• Download DR-DEVICE (source code and ready-to-run Carlo's demo).
  • DR-DEVICE user and installation manual.
  • The RuleML-compatible syntax of DR-DEVICE:
  • XSLT stylesheets that transform the RuleML-compatible syntax to the native, CLIPS-like syntax:
  • d-POSL, a POSL compatible syntax for defeasible RuleML rules. You can find the code for the editor here.


    DR-DEVICE has now been integrated into a visual environment for developing defeasible rule bases, called VDR-DEVICE.
    Besides a reasoning system, VDR-DEVICE is also equipped with a graphical rule editor that gives users the capability of creating and editing rule bases, based on the RuleML-like syntax of DR-Device.
    It is reminded, however, that VDR-DEVICE is still in its early development stages and, therefore, users of the system might come across a number of bugs or omissions.

  • Download VDR-DEVICE (version 0.27)
  • Brief tutorial for using VDR-DEVICE
  • Description of Carlo's demo, using the VDR-DEVICE visual integrated environment

  • DR-DEVICE with proof capabilities and modalities

  • Download here.
  • Examples can be downloaded from here.
  • Few instructions for the DR-DEVICE shell.

  • DR-DEVICE Rule Responder Personal Agent (PA)

  • Report describing the integration of the DR-DEVICE defeasible reasoner in the Rule Responder (RR) Symposium Planner application.
  • PA source code (Java servlet).
  • Defeasible logic rule base [DR-RuleML] and sponsorship schema [RDF Schema] for Symposium Planner.