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237 E. Kontopoulos, D. Vrakas, F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, “An Ontology-based Planning System for e-Course Generation”, Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, 35 (1-2), pp. 398-406, 2008. (73)
   Year Total: 1
226 D. Vrakas, G. Tsoumakas, F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, D. Anagnostopoulos, “PASER: A Curricula Synthesis System based on Automated Problem Solving”, International Journal on Teaching and Case Studies, Special Issue on "Information Systems: The New Research Agenda, the Emerging Curriculum and the New Teaching Paradigm", Inderscience, Vol. 1, Nos. 1/2, pp. 159-170, 2007. (17)
19 F. Kokkoras, H. Jiang, I. Vlahavas, A. Elmagarmid, E. Houstis, W. Aref, “Smart Video Text: A Conceptual Graph based Video Data Model”, ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, ACM - Springer, Vol. 8, No 4, pp. 328-338, 2002. (26)
89 F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas, “COMFRESH: A Common Framework for Expert Systems and Hypertext”, Information Processing and Management, Pergamon, Elsevier, Vol. 31 (4), pp. 593-604, 1995. (3)
  Year Total: 3