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Title: Smart Video Text: A Conceptual Graph based Video Data Model
Author(s): F. Kokkoras, H. Jiang, I. Vlahavas, A. Elmagarmid, E. Houstis, W. Aref.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (10 pages).
Keywords: Video Databases, Conceptual Graphs, Content based Video Retrieval.
Appeared in: ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, ACM - Springer, Vol. 8, No 4, pp. 328-338, 2002.
Abstract: An intelligent annotation-based video data model called Smart VideoText is introduced. It utilizes the Conceptual Graph knowledge representation formalism to capture the semantic associations among the concepts described in text annotations of the video data. The aim is to achieve more effective query, retrieval and browsing capabilities based on video datas semantic content. Finally, a generic and modular video database architecture based on Smart VideoText data model is described.
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