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National Projects Undertaken by the LPIS group

MasCardInfo  (2014-2015)

MasCardInfo is a customer segmantation system for the marketing department of Diamantis Masouts S.A. (retail business). It features multi-criteria clustering of the customers and the ability to assess them in terms of loyalty and value. Moreover, it produces KPI's that can be used to design and evaluate marketing campaings based on customers associated to any of the clusters produced

BusGrid  (2014-2015)

BusGrid is an integrated system for productivity and customer service improvement in the Public Transportation Companies with a two-fold goal of improving both quality of service and productivity of bus routes. The system produces solutions that tackle this trade-off by consistently optimizing vehicle schedules to achieve a relatively stable average number of on-board passengers

Semantic Web Services for PA  (2011-2012)
  Knowledge Management at the Department of Human Resources Management of the Region of Central Macedonia: Stage 1. Representation and Formalization of Critical Procedures.
Funded by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, STATE 2008-2010 programme.
Public Administration Ontology
Smart IHU  (2010-2012)
  SmartIHU iconThe aim of the Smart IHU project is to create a smart building prototype in the International Hellenic University (IHU) via an integrated energy control and monitoring system. The purpose of the proposed system is threefold: firstly to aggregate the energy usage data of the building, secondly to facilitate an interactive platform for remote monitoring and management of the building’s smart appliances and thirdly to further enhance the building with intelligence through interoperability and automation.

The project involves the development of a Service-oriented Middleware for various smart device in the market (sensors & actuators) that universally expose their data and functions. Secondly it involves the design of a suitable Ontology for Service-oriented Smart Spaces and enabling semantic annotations on services. Finally, the exploitation of Semantic Web Services (i.e. matching and composition) by intelligent applications under development will enable features of the vision of Ambient Intelligence at the IHU.
Smart IHU Website
Smart IHU at the IHU Sci&tech Website

PAKE (2007-2012)

Education of trainers

I-NET  (2007-2008)

Interoperability, Flexibility and Adaptiveness of Inter-Enterprise Â2Â Transactions. Funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology through the Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia.

FUTURE CLASS  (2006-2007)

Design, implementation and pilot operation of a digital classroom featuring appropriate educational software, methodologies and content. Funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology (PABET 2005)

SWIM  (2005-2008)

Development of an Intelligent System for the management of Semantic Web Services. Funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat (PENED2003).

OLE  (2005-2007)

Open Learning Environment. (Funded by the Greek Ministry of Education)

Intel-GAS  (2005-2006)

Development of an intelligent system for the remote management of natural gas units. Funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat (PABET-NE 2004).

SWEL  (2005-2006)

Planning systems in the semantic web for e-learning Funded by the Greek Ministry of Education - PYTHAGORAS

eLSC  (2003-2008)

e-Learning Support Center (eLSC) - AUTH's Central Action.

SEP  (1999-2000)

Development of a multilevel multimedia-based laboratory environment for Physics experiments (National project, funded by the Greek Ministry of Education).

ITC  (1998-2003)

Organizational and Operational Optimization of Networked Computational Resources in AUTH (National project, funded by the Greek Ministry of Education).

ADAPT  (1998-1999)

Upgrading of Human Resources in the Banking Sector Using New Information and Network Technologies. Funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat.

DANAOS (1998-1999)

Development of a multimedia tutorial for Logic Programming. Part of the DANAOS project, funded by the Greek Ministry of Education.

ESSE  (1996-1997)

Development of an expert system for software cost estimation. A national project funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat under the PENED program.

PABE (1992-1994)

Development of a high performance, parallel VLSI simulator, running on a transputer machine. An industrial project funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat under the PABE program.

ParDBMS  (1992-1993)

Development of a parallel DBMS with a query language based on fuzzy logic. A project funded by the Research Committee of the Aristotle University