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Title: COMFRESH: A Common Framework for Expert Systems and Hypertext
Author(s): F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (17 pages).
Keywords: hypertext, conceptual graphs, information retrieval.
Appeared in: Information Processing and Management, Pergamon, Elsevier, Vol. 31 (4), pp. 593-604, 1995.
Abstract: Intelligent hypertext is a promising approach to information systems, because it combines the power of inference of expert systems and the intuitive power of hypertext. In this paper we propose the "COMFRESH", a common framework for expert systems and hypertext. It is based on a Prolog interpreter and uses the conceptual graph knowledge representation formalism for browsing and reasoning. COMFRESH can be used as a knowledge based hypertext (intelligent hypertext) or as an expert system with hypertext capabilities.
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