International Workshop on Ontologies and Knowledge Bases

Topics of WOKB 2015

The workshop welcomes papers addressing theoretical and practical research on ontology and knowledge bases development for various domains of applications. Papers describing finalized research, as well as work-in-progress are welcome. The topics of the workshop cover research areas like:
  • ontology engineering
  • collaborative ontology engineering
  • knowledge engineering
  • knowledge representation methods
  • knowledge uncertainty management
  • formalisms for ontology and knowledge bases specification
  • knowledge discovery, machine learning, data mining, text mining
  • methodologies for ontologies and knowledge bases development
  • software tools for the development of ontologies and knowledge bases
  • ontologies and Knowledge bases evaluation and validation
  • applications of ontologies and knowledge bases
  • knowledge bases for natural language processing
  • ontologies in knowledge based systems and multiagent systems
  • semantic web
  • human-machine interaction
  • knowledge management
(the list is not exhaustive).