PRACTIC is a parallel Object-Oriented Database system that is based on a concurrent object data model. PRACTIC means PaRallel ACTIve Classes and is based on the vertical partitioning and concurrent management of the database schema classes and meta-classes, which are collectively called active objects. Active objects are permanent processes in memory that encapsulate their definitions, methods and management procedures. Semi-active and passive objects exist to realise abstract classes and instances (the actual data), respectively. The object model gives rise to a query/method execution model that provides parallelism on all levels of the instantiation hierarchy. The abstract PRACTIC machine directly maps the model to a MIMD machine, providing a hierarchical architecture and a hierarchical de-clustering scheme.

A first prototype of PRACTIC system is being implemented on a transputer network, using CS-Prolog as the implementation language. When the prototype has been tested, PRACTIC will be ported to a network of workstations.

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