Smart IHU Live

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The Smart IHU Live portal offers online readings of sensors deployed at the IHU building as well as Data Center efficiency measures. Sensor data are gathered by the aWESoME Web Service middleware and Data center efficiency metrics are calculated by the portal. The Live portal displays:

  • Sensor Boards
  • The set of sensor boards form a ZigBee wireless sensor network and measure environmental parameters i.e. Temperature, Humidity and Luminance. Currently a sensor board is deployed at the SciTech office.

  • Smart Clampers
  • Smart Clampers are able to measure large-scale power consumption as they are clipped around main power supply cables. An RF transmitter then is used to get power consumption readings. Currently three three-phase clampers are attached to the main power supply of the IHU Building. The first two measure the sum of the total power consumption of Building A, and the third measures the Data Center power consumption.

  • Data Center Efficiency metrics