The 'Smart International Hellenic University (Smart IHU)' is a research project in the field of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for sustainable growth, energy efficiency and better quality of life. This is an area of research and development included in the Strategic Research Agenda of the European Union (EU). The aim is to transform the IHU to a ‘Smart’ University with automated processes, enabling Smart Building-Smart-Grid technology, i.e., remote monitoring and management, energy and data analytics, energy efficiency, and providing support for educational activities, an initiative which will find reflection in the e-learning provisions offered by IHU. The outcomes of the Smart IHU project are expected to support MSc theses and scientific publications in the domain of wireless sensor/actuator networks, decision support systems, web services, energy efficiency, smart grid algorithms and renewable energy sources.

The Smart IHU project is based on the cooperation of the ICT and Energy departments of the School of Science and Technology of the International Hellenic University, helping to forge a strong interdisciplinary research team which will undertake modern and challenging activities.


The project incorporates the following research directions:

  • 1. Deployment of Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks (WSN) for remote monitoring and Management. Wireless platforms of ZigBee, WiFi and ZWave are mainly considered.
  • 2. Integration of the wireless platforms using Semantic Web Services.
  • 3. Application of the WSNs for Energy Analytics, Energy Efficiency and Management, Optimization and Automation.
  • 4. On line data presentation for e-Learning.
  • 5. Green Datacenter- Monitoring the energy efficiency of the datacenter of the International Hellenic University.
  • 6. Smart Grid- Support of Smart Building/Smart Grid technologies and algorithms for demand response.
  • 7. Development of sophisticated algorithms. Decision Support Systems (DSS), Ontologies, AI Planning.
  • Project Team


    Mrs. Kalliopi Kravari, Mr. Thanos Stavropoulos, Dr. Ageliki Tsioliaridou

    Researchers/ supervisors:

    Dr. George Koutitas, Dr. Dimitris Vrakas

    Research Coordinnation:

    Assoc. Prof. Nick Bassiliades, ,Prof. Ioannis Vlachavas


    The Smart IHU project is funded by Operational Program Education and Lifelong Learning, OPS200056 (International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece).

    Many of the Smart IHU icons and graphics are derived from the Buuf iconset created by mattahan