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Download the latest version (v0.1)
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Download the dataset collections that were used to test OWLS-SLR.
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Download a quick use quide that describes the basic configuration options of OWLS-SLR.


You can download the following datasets. Instructions of how to use them can be found here and on the quick use guide.

  • OWLS-TC_v2.2_revision_3. It fixes some misspellings of the OWLS-TC v2.2 revision 2 collection.
  • OWLS-TC_v2.2_revision_3_(scalability). It contains 6042 Web service descriptions that have been synthetically generated by altering the base uri of each advertisement of the initial collection.
  • OWLS-TC_v2.2_revision_3_(profile_taxonomy). This collection was created in order to test OWLS-SLR in a Profile Taxonomy. We developed a simple ontology (ProfileTaxonomy.owl) that defines seven concepts as subclasses of the Profile concept. These concepts are the corresponding ones to the categories of the relevance sets (Weapon, Economy, Travel, Food, Education, Medical and Communication). Then, according to the relevance sets, we defined each Profile instance (advertisements and queries) to belong to the corresponding concept (see the quick use guide for OWLS-SLR configuration issues).
  • RAC_dataset. This is a manually generated dataset of five advertisements and one query that we used in order to test the role-oriented matchmaking capabilities of OWLS-SLR (see the quick use guide for OWLS-SLR configuration issues).
  • OWLS-TC RAC_queries. This is the RAC version of the 29 queries of OWLS-TC.
Last update: February 10, 2009 by Georgios Meditskos