DR-DEVICE is a system for defeasible reasoning on the Semantic Web.

DR-DEVICE is capable of reasoning about RDF metadata over multiple Web sources using defeasible logic rules. The system is implemented on top of CLIPS production rule system and builds upon R-DEVICE, an earlier deductive rule system over RDF metadata that also supports derived attribute and aggregate attribute rules. Rules can be expressed either in a native CLIPS-like language, or in an extension of the OO-RuleML syntax. The operational semantics of defeasible logic are implemented through compilation into the generic rule language of R-DEVICE. MORE..

DR-DEVICE integration in the Rule Responder (RR) Symposium Planner application

The report describing the integration of the DR-DEVICE defeasible reasoner in the Rule Responder (RR) Symposium Planner application can be found here.

DR-DEVICE Rule Responder Personal Agent (PA)

PA source code (Java servlet).

Defeasible logic rule base [DR-RuleML] and sponsorship schema [RDF Schema] for Symposium Planner.

Use the "Suggest Sponsoring Level [DR-DEVICE/Publicity Chair Agent]" query on-line

At SymposiumPlanner-2010 website or at the development page.