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  • Example 1: Shows how to load and reason on an ontology using DLEJena.
  • Example 2: Shows how to create an ontology using the Jena API and reason on it with the DLEJena reasoner.
  • Example 3: Shows how to validate the ABox of an ontology.
  • Example 4: Shows the behavior of DLEJena on TBox inconsistencies.
  • Example 5: Shows an example of a SPARQL query on the ABox model.
  • Example 6: Shows an example using the owl:propertyChain construct.
  • Example 7: Shows how to add a custom template rule in DLEJena.
  • Example 8: Shows how to perform TBox updates.

Last update: November 28, 2008 by Georgios Meditskos