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Title: Active Knowledge-Based Systems: Techniques and Applications
Author(s): N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (36 pages).
Keywords: Knowledge Base Systems, Object-Oriented Database Systems, Active Database Systems, Deductive Databases, Data Warehouses.
Appeared in: Knowledge Engineering: Systems Techniques and Applications, C.T. Leondes (Ed.), Academic Press, Vol. 1, pp. 1-36, 2000.
Abstract: This chapter focuses on active knowledge base systems; more specifically, it presents various implementation techniques that are used by the numerous systems found in the literature and on applications made based on such systems. Systems are compared based on the basis of the different techniques and of their efficiency in various applications. Finally, the active object-oriented knowledge base system DEVICE is thoroughly described, giving emphasis to its advantages over similar systems. Furthermore, two applications based on the DEVICE system are described: deductive databases and data warehouses.
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