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Title: The Development of a New Framework for Managing Risks in the European Industry: The IRIS RISK PARADIGM
Author(s): D. Angelides, Y. Xenidis, N. Bassiliades, E. Loukogeorgaki, A. Taflanidis, D. Vrakas, S. Arnaouti, G. Meditskos.
Keywords: engineering risk, risk assessment, risk quantification, knowledge portal, risk ontology.
Appeared in: Industrial Safety and Life Cycle Engineering: Technologies / Standards / Applications, Helmut Wenzel (Ed.), VCE, ISBN 978-3-200-03179-1, pp. 23-56, 2013.
Abstract: Motivation: Risk assessment has been performed in a fragmented way creating problems with interfaces and quantification. A consistent methodology for risk quantification is required. Main Results: The new IRIS Risk Paradigm provides a conceptual framework for consistent harmonized risk assessment and quantification.
See also : The IRIS Project (Integrated European Industrial Risk Reduction System)