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Title: Computational Models for Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Author(s): N. Alechina, N. Bassiliades, M. Dastani, M. de Vos, B. Logan, S. Mera, A. Morris-Martin, F. Schapachnik.
Keywords: Norm verification, Computational Architectures for Normative MAS, Programming Normative Systems.
Appeared in: Normative Multi-Agent Systems. Dagstuhl Follow-Ups, G. Andrighetto, G. Governatori, P. Noriega, L. W.N. van der Torre (Eds.), Schloss Dagstuhl, Vol. 4, pp. 71-92, 2013.
Abstract: This chapter takes a closer look at computational logic approaches for the design, verification and the implementation of normative multi-agent systems. After a short overview of existing formalisms, architectures and implementation languages, an overview of current research challenges is provided.
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