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Title: Cross-Community Interoperation Between the EMERALD and Rule Responder Multi-Agent Systems
Author(s): K. Kravari, T. Osmun, H. Boley, N. Bassiliades.
Keywords: RuleML, Semantic Web, Web Rules, intelligent multi-agent systems, EMERALD, Rule Responder.
Appeared in: Proc. 5th International Symposium on Rules: Research Based and Industry Focused (RuleML-2011@IJCAI), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, LNCS 6826, pp. 44-51, Barcelona, Spain, 2011.
Abstract: The vision of the Semantic Web allows users to delegate complex actions to intelligent agents, which will act on behalf of their users in a variety of real-life applications. This paper focuses on two Semantic Web enabled multi-agent systems, EMERALD and Rule Responder, which can be employed to assist communities of users based on Semantic Web and multi-agent standards such as RDF, OWL, RuleML, and FIPA. The present work demonstrates how these multi-agent systems can interoperate to automate collaboration across communities using a declarative, knowledge-based approach. In addition, a multi-step interaction scenario among agents is presented, demonstrating the usefulness of interoperating between the above systems, exemplifying a general approach to cross-community collaboration.
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