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Title: Monitoring Water Quality through a Telematic Sensor Network and a Fuzzy Expert System
Author(s): E. Hatzikos, N. Bassiliades, L. Asmanis, I. Vlahavas.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (29 pages).
Keywords: Sensor Network, Pollution Monitoring, Aquatic Uses, Expert System, Fuzzy Logic.
Appeared in: Expert Systems, Blackwell, 24(3), pp. 143-161, 2007.
Abstract: In this paper we present an expert system that monitors sea water quality and pollution in Northern Greece, through a sensor network called "Andromeda". The expert system monitors sensor data collected by Local Monitoring Stations and reasons about the current level of water suitability for various aquatic uses, such as swimming and piscicultures. The aim of the expert system is to help the authorities in the "decisionmaking" process in the battle against the pollution of the aquatic environment, which is very vital for the public health and the economy of Northern Greece. The expert system determines, using fuzzy logic, when certain environmental parameters exceed certain "pollution" limits, which are specified either by the authorities or by environmental scientists, and flags out appropriate alerts.
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