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Title: VDR-DEVICE: A Visual Editor for a Defeasible Logic Rule-ML-compatible Rule Language
Author(s): N. Bassiliades, E. Kontopoulos, G. Antoniou.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (3 pages).
Keywords: Integrated Development Environment, Graphical Rule Editor, Defeasible Logic, Rule Markup Languages, Semantic Web Reasoning, RDF Schema, Semantic Brokering.
Appeared in: 4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2005), Demo/Poster Session, Edward Curry (Ed.), Galway, Ireland, 6-10 November, 2005.
Abstract: RuleML is a promising standardization effort for rule languages for the Semantic Web. However, the RuleML syntax may appear too complex for many users. Furthermore, the interplay between various Semantic Web technologies and languages impose a demand for using multiple, diverse tools for building rule-based applications for the Semantic Web. In this demonstration we present VDR-Device, a visual RuleML-compliant rule editor and an integrated development environment for developing and using defeasible logic rule bases on top of RDF ontologies. The visual rule editor constrains the allowed vocabulary through analysis of the input RDF ontologies. The development environment is supported by an RDF-aware defeasible reasoning system. Defeasible reasoning is a rule-based approach for efficient reasoning with incomplete and inconsistent information. Such reasoning is useful for many applications in the Semantic Web, such as policies and business rules, agent brokering and negotiation, ontology and knowledge merging, etc., mainly due to interesting features, such as conflicting rules and rule priorities. This demo presents a full example of using VDR-Device in a brokered trade application that takes place via an independent third party, the broker. The broker matches the buyer’s requirements and the sellers’ capabilities, and proposes a transaction when both parties can be satisfied by the trade. In our case, the concrete application is apartment renting and the landlord takes the role of the abstract seller.