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Title: DR-NEGOTIATE A System for Automated Agent Negotiation with Defeasible Logic-Based Strategies
Author(s): T. Skylogiannis, G. Antoniou, N. Bassiliades, G. Governatori.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (8 pages).
Keywords: Agent Negotiation, Semantic Web, Defeasible Logic, RDF.
Appeared in: IEEE International Conference on E-Technology, E-Commerce and E-Service, W.K.W. Cheung, J. Hsu (Ed.), IEEE, pp. 44-49, 29/3 - 1/4/2005, Hong Kong, China, 2005.
Abstract: This paper reports on a system for automated agent negotiation. It uses the JADE agent framework, and its major distinctive feature is the use of declarative negotiation strategies. The negotiation strategies are expressed in a declarative rules language, defeasible logic and are applied using the implemented defeasible reasoning system DR-DEVICE. The choice of defeasible logic is justified. The overall system architecture is described, and a particular negotiation case is presented in detail.
See also : DR-DEVICE

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