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Title: DR-BROKERING – A Defeasible Logic-Based System for Semantic Brokering
Author(s): G. Antoniou, T. Skylogiannis, A. Bikakis, N. Bassiliades.
Availability: Click here to download the PDF (Acrobat Reader) file (8 pages).
Keywords: Semantic Brokering, Intelligent Agents, Semantic Web, Defeasible Logic, RDF.
Appeared in: IEEE International Conference on E-Technology, E-Commerce and E-Service, W.K.W. Cheung, J. Hsu (Ed.), IEEE, pp. 414-417, 29/3 - 1/4/2005, Hong Kong, China, 2005.
Abstract: Electronic Brokering, is a good candidate for taking up Semantic Web technology. In this paper we study the brokering and matchmaking problem that is, how a requester’s requirements and preferences can be matched against a set of offerings collected by a broker. The proposed solution uses the Semantic Web standard of RDF to represent the offerings, and a deductive logical language, based on non-monotonic reasoning, for expressing the requirements and preferences. We motivate and explain the approach we propose, and report on a prototypical implementation exhibiting the described functionality, in JADE agent environment.
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