The PaCoPlan Project

A parallel constraint planner with JAVA interface

SUN Microsystems Grant: EDUD-7832-010326-GR

Development Period: June 2001- December 2002

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The equipment donated by SUN Microsystems (An Enterprise 450 Server with 4 SPARC II processors at 400 MHz and 2 GB of shared RAM, Three ULTRA 5 workstations and three RAYs) has been set up in the Aristotle Laboratory of the Department of Informatics.

Several modules of the planning system, which have already been
developed, were compiled on the equipment and their efficiency has been
assesed through experiments using a large database of toy problems, used in
International Planning competitions.

A first prototype of the system is now up and running (see below). The current version of the system, called Web Planner, supports one domain with a robot moving objects around a maze-like terrain. The system can be accessible using the WWW through a Java applet. The user can set his own problem using simple movements of the mouse, submit it to one of the two planning systems, which are currently available, and then watch a controllable animation with the execution of the plan (solution to the problem).

Several Diploma theses have been
assigned to undergratuate students who are currently cooperating with members
of the laboratory for further development of the project.

Last update: 04/03/2003
Dimitris Vrakas

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