The PaCoPlan Project

A parallel constraint planner with JAVA interface

SUN Microsystems Grant: EDUD-7832-010326-GR

Development Period: June 2001- December 2002

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From this section you can download and test several planning systems that are currently running on the SUN computers. The sources are written in C/C++.

GRT ver 2.0: The second version of the known GRT planner, which took part in the last Artificial Intelligence Planning Compettion with remarkable performance.

AcE ver 1.1: A new planner developed in our laboratory, which shows very promising results.

ODMP ver 2.0: A parallel planner for Logistics problems.

The problems used in the AIPS-98 Planning Competition

The problems used in the AIPS-00 Planning Competition

Last update: 04/03/2003
Dimitris Vrakas

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