The PaCoPlan Project

A parallel constraint planner with JAVA interface

SUN Microsystems Grant: EDUD-7832-010326-GR

Development Period: June 2001- December 2002

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The aim of the project was to develop an integrated planning and scheduling parallel system for real world problems. Planning and scheduling applications are of great importance in life and demand large computational power and time to be solved. One typical example of such problems are the logistics ones, which are of main interest for companies, government, etc.

The system has been implemented in C++ enhanced with SUN's libraries for thread programming. A user-friendly graphical interface for the planning system has been developed in JAVA and a first prototype of the whole system is available for execution through the World Wide Web.


Our laboratory has already done a significant amount of research and has developed a number of prototypes in the areas of domain-independent heurisic state-space planning, parallel planning and parallel constraint-solving.

These independent works have been extended and combined into an integrated system with a powerfull graphical interface in JAVA that allows remote execution of the system through the World Wide Web.

Details about the planning methods that have been developed during the time period of the PacoPlan project can be obtained through a number of papers and articles that are available from the publications section.


Last update: 04/07/2003
Dimitris Vrakas

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