The PaCoPlan Project

A parallel constraint planner with JAVA interface

SUN Microsystems Grant: EDUD-7832-010326-GR

Development Period: June 2001- December 2002

The aim of the project was to develop an integrated planning and scheduling parallel system for real world problems. Planning and scheduling applications are of great importance in life and demand large computational power and time to be solved. One typical example of such problems are the logistics ones, which are of main interest for companies, government, etc.

A first prototype of the system is up and running. It currently supports one domain with a robot moving objects in a maze-like terrain. The user can select among two different planning systems (GRT and HAP-RC) in order to have the problem solved.


Last update: 04/04/2003
Dimitris Vrakas

The PLASE Lab The Department of Informatics SUN Microsystems