The ExperNet System Architecture

As the network management problem of the ExperNet project has turned out to be inherently distributed, we conceive the ExperNet architecture as multiagent system. At each management node there is one agent, specialised in managing the network area that the node is responsible for. In consequence, the structure of the system architecture goes in line with the structure of the pre-existing organisation of the experimental zone of the network.
The overall architecture of the system is shown at figure 1. Each ExperNet agent is attached to an HNMS+ server; the latter provides necessary information about the state of the network to the former. Additional information is provided by Big Brother, a tool for monitoring local computer resources. The agents are developed in DEVICE, and communication facilities are provided by CS-Prolog II. All system components, shown in the figure, are described in the following.

Figure 1: ExperNet System Architecture


Each agent comprises two types of knowledge: local knowledge for individual problem-solving (i.e. for local network management) and social knowledge for co-ordination (i.e. for harmonising local network management with the activities of acquaintance nodes).

  1. Local Problem-solving
  2. Social Co-ordination

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