The main aim of this project is to develop a distributed expert system (called EXPERNET) for the management of the National Network of Ukraine. EXPERNET will manage both the whole Ukrainian national network, as well as any of its sub-networks.It will consist of a number of local expert systems attached to related network management nodes, that belong to one of the three network levels: national, regional and district, closely reflecting the structure of the Ukrainian WANs. The design of the expert system will support both general and node-specific network management knowledge, in order to develop one expert system that can be easily adapted to the requirements of the specific node types. Furthermore, different interfaces between the expert system instances and the local WAN management software will be developed in order to facilitate the ease of information exchange between the two components of the local management software.The run-time aspects of EXPERNET include the exchange of information and resolution co-ordination between the physically and logically distributed local expert systems, based on global and local data and goals. The whole expert system is controlled either by data or goals by providing a possibility of selecting target modes dynamically for each node.