The ExperNet System

Currently the system covers a rather limited number of such cases, since our main goal was to have a pilot system that will successfully demonstrate the applicability of expert system technology to the management of large networks. However the enrichment of the knowledge base so that it will be able to handle a larger set of network failures, is considered to be a simple task. The system has been installed and tested in real network environment in Ukraine and has performed well monitoring a network of significant size. As it can be seen from the performed tests ExperNet showed robustness on a set of typical cases of management that network operators of Ukrainian national network meet in real practice. ExperNet is now working on two operating systems: Solaris 2.5 and FreeBSD 2.2.6. A typical installation is shown in the following figure:

Figure 1 : HNMS+ and BigBrother Installation in Relcom

ExperNet offers constant monitoring of the state of its target network, which includes not only monitoring of the critical parts of it, like for example routers and leased lines, but also monitoring of common network services like FTP or HTTP. The systems error reporting and diagnosis capabilities can significantly decrease the downtime of the network components, thus leading to an increased availability of the overall network which is one of the most important goals of any administrator. ExperNet also offers suggestions about repair actions that should be taken by the administrator in order to resolve the abnormal network situations. Screeenshots of reports of such abnormal situations are shown in:

Figure 2: Fault Management Case: Leased Line Overloaded
Figure 3: Host unreachable
Figure 4: Bad Physical Line Between TSF and GIC
Figure 5: Question concerning Leased Lines

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