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International Projects Undertaken by the LPIS group

EMERALD - Rule Responder Gateway  (2011-2012)

Development of a RuleML-based multi-agent environment.

This project explores the integration of the Rule Responder and Emerald platforms, with respect to their agent-connection topologies, their interchange principles, as well as their used subsets of RuleML and (bidirectional) gateways between them. Furthermore, the Prova and DR-Device reasoning engines have been supported for both Rule Responder and Emerald. The resulting Emerald RuleML Responder has been tested both by extending the Rule Responder instantiation SymposiumPlanner to further agents with an Emerald bridge and, conversely, by extending an Emerald instantiation with a Rule Responder bridge.

This project is funded by RuleML Inc.

OWL2CLIPS  (2009-2010)

Transformation of OWL ontologies into the CLIPS rule engine.


IRIS  (2008-2012)

The project concerns th consolidation and generation of knowledge and technologies which enable the integration of new safety concepts related to technical, human, organizational and cultural aspects. IRIS integrates all aspects of industrial safety with some priority on saving human lives prior cost reductions and is particular underpinning relevant EU policies.

EUROCITIZEN  (2002-2005)

An interactive, agent-based, on line edutainment environment to promote European intercultural education and cooperation among citizens of Europe. Funded by the European Union under the IST program.

ExperNet  (1997-1998)

Development of a distributed expert system for the management of a national network. A technology demonstration project funded by the European Union under the INCO-COPERNICUS'96 program.

MERMAID (1996-1997)

Development of an Intelligent Drug Information System for a Ship's Medical Cabinet. Part of the MERMAID project, funded by the European Union under the TELEMEDICINE program.