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Bilateral Projects Undertaken by the LPIS group

K-Swan  (2012-2014)

An Interoperable Knowledge - based Framework for Negotiating Semantic Web Agents. Bilateral cooperation with Romania.

DR-SWEC  (2006-2008)

This project aims at building agent-based Semantic Web e-Commerce application prototypes using the defeasible reasoning formalism. Scientific and Technological Cooperation between RTD Organizations in Greece and RTD Organizations in Non-Europe Countries (Australia).

O-DEVICE  (2004-2006)

Development of a system for reasoning and querying over semantic web ontologies, expressed as OWL-based documents. Bilateral Cooperation with Ukraine

RIMM-NET  (2002-2004)

Remote Intelligent Monitoring & Management for a Nationally Distributed NETwork

PaCoPlan  (2001-2003)

A parallel constraint planner with JAVA interface. Funded by SUN Microsystems, EDUD-7832-010326-GR, Period: 2001-2002 (18 months)

CSPCONS  (1999-2001)

Development of a Logic Programming Platform for Building Distributed Constraint Applications. Bilateral Cooperation with Hungary, funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat.