Tool for service Matching and Composition

Tomaco (Tool for Matching and Composition) is a web application for Semantic Web Service matchmaking and composition. It integrates its own, novel set of matching strategies, tailored to the SAWSD/WSDL universal standards, that ranked high on state-of-the-art comparison on both effectiveness and performance. The strategies can be applied on a dynamic repository of existind or user-contributed service collections and ontologies. Users are able to register to upload content and perform customized experiments, choosing between strategies, thresholds and parameters. Results are also accompanied by rating justification. For composition, TOMACO employes a Blackbox AI-planning method.

Technologies used: easyWSDL library, OWL-API library


userStelios Andreadis (MSc Thesis)
userThanos G. Stavropoulos

Dowloads & Links

paperTOMACO Web Application
paperTOMACO User Manual
paperTOMACO SME2 Plugin
Tomaco algorithm implementation as a plugin for the SME2: Semantic Web Service Matchmaker Evaluation Environment.
Allows running and evaluating Tomaco variants in a universal environment.
Submitted as an entry to the S3 contest 2014
paperCustom SAWSDL-TC3 fix
Contains a modified version of the collection, as used and hosted in TOMACO, with some syntax corrections and fixed imports, which allow proper loading on some tools e.g. OWL-API.
Original SAWSDL-TC3 created and distributed by Matthias Klush and Patrick Kapahnke under the Mozilla Public License 1.1