Iridescent: a Tool for Semantic Annotation of Web Service Descriptions

The tool allows creating and editing Web Service descriptions following the SAWSDL standard (W3C Recommendation) using plain (non-semantic) WSDL files (W3C Recommendation) or existing SAWSDL files. Semantic annotations, i.e. SAWSDL model references, are drawn from OWL or RDF files. SAWSDL schema mapping are also supported (in e.g. XSLT, SPARQL). The tool enhances this process in two ways. First, the process is completely carried out over graphics, using intuitive functions such as Drag 'n' Drop and user-friendly representation as well as the code itself. On the other hand, it strives to partially automate the annotation process. String matching algorithms are supplied to match ontology concepts and web service description elements. The matches are presented to the user, who can choose which ones to commit.
Technologies used: Java Swing, easyWSDL library, OWL-API library


paperThanos G. Stavropoulos
paperThodoris Mylonides (BSc Thesis)


paperIridescent Version 1.0
Contains the tool, service and ontology sample files
paperIridescent Manual
paper Iridescent Tutorial
Tutorial presentation on SAWSDL and Iridescent's usage
paperIridescent Online Testing Survey
Please fill in any bugs found, your ratings and suggestions.