Constraint Description in ADAM

MSc thesis

N. Bassiliades

Abstract: This thesis is about the definition of a high-level, declarative constraint language for describing con-straints in ADAM, an Object-Oriented Database based on Prolog. ADAM supports an ex-tended use of meta-classes and meta-data to model default be-haviour of objects. The constraints are expressed in CoLan lan-guage, a subset of Daplex which has features of both first-order logic and functional programming. CoLan expressions are tran-slated into Prolog code that implements the operational semantics of the con-straint. The generated code is stored inside the class descriptor of the "host" class in appropriate slots for future use. The code is retrieved when an update on the database is attempted. If the update violates a constraint then it is rejected with an informative message otherwise it is accepted.

Keywords: Semantic Integrity Constraints, Object-Oriented Databases, Functional Data Model, Constraint Compilation, Incremental Constraint Checking, Numerical Quantifiers

Submitted to: Computing Science Dept., University of Aberdeen, Scotland (for the partial fulfilment of the MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence)

Supervised by: Professor P.M.D. Gray

Available: Click here to download the PostScript file (size 106KB).

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