Zakinthos (or Zante) is a very beautiful island at the south end of the Ionian sea. It lies very close to west Peloponisos from where you can go by taking the boat in Kilini. Zakinthos is the homeland of the very famous Greek poet Dionysios Solomos, who wrote the greek national antheme. Zakinthos is also famous for the sea turtle "Careta-careta" which chosen the gulf of Lagada to deliver their eggs because of the very fine sand at the beaches and the extremely warm climate and waters of the island. Zakinthos suffered from a devastating earth quake in '52 that destroyed all the old city of Zakinthos, therefore the city buildings are rather new, compared to Corfu for example. Apart from the extraordinary beaches of the South and east, the north and the west sides are unreachable, due to high cliffs. However, this side of the island is responsible for two great natural monuments of the island: the beach of Navagio and the blue caves.

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