Skiathos is a very beautiful and popular island of the North Aegean that belongs to the island complex called North Sporades. It is very small and cute and has only one village that is built along the seashore. The most striking feature of Skiathos is Burtzi, a small peninsula with a fort that protects both sides of the port. Skiathos is very densly populated and busy during the summer season with a lot of bars and taverns with fresh fish. Skiathos is the birth place of A.Papadiamantis a very famous Greek writer. The most of the beaches lie at the south side of the island. The northern coast line is inaccessible from the island, but can be reached by boat. There at the north lies the beautiful beach "Lalaria" full with pebbles and the famous holed rock. Sporades has many small beautiful islands, like Tsugria, which is near Skiathos and is full of green pine trees and sandy beaches.

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