Santorini (also called Thera) is probably one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. The view of the caldera from Fira (the beautiful capital village) and Oia (a very picturesque village at the North) is breathtaking. Also the view of the small white houses with coloured (mostly deep blue), wooden doors and windows hanging from the steep cliff is magnificent; unique in the whole world. In the middle of caldera lie two volcanic islands Palaia and Nea Kammeni. Across the sea Therassia, the complimentary island of Thera hosts the sun when it falls, viewed by Fira. However, the world famous sunset of Santorini is even better when viewed from Oia, where the sun dives into the deep blue Aegean sea. The beaches of the island are all from the other side of the island, where nothing reminds the catastrophic volcanic activities, except from the dark sand!. Extraordinary was also the civilization that was developed in Thera, during the Minoan era. It is said that Santorini and Crete were together the legendary Atlantis, that was lost when the volcano errupted in Santorini and the waves destroyed Crete's Minoan civilization. The photos that follow are only a small sample of the island's beauty.

Close to the volcanic island "Kammeni". Notice the green colour of the sea due to the sulfur that is coming out of holes at the bottom of the sea and the black shining rocks made from cooled magma!

A spectacular view of the island Kammeni from Fira. Notice how high above the sea the villages are built!

Another magnificent view of the caldera from "Firostefani", another beautiful suburb of Fira.

Don't worry; more photos will follow soon! :-)