Paxoi is a small beautiful island south of Corfu. The island is a paradise for the lovers of quite vacation, relaxing close to the sea, away from the crowd, the bars, the luxurious hotels. The main visitors of the island are coming with yachts, since the island is ideal for such a vacation. The main port of Paxoi, Gaios, has a very protected natural harbour that can host almost 200 boats, because of a small island that stands at the front, blocking the wind and the waves. The other two villages Loggos and Langada are also extremely beautiful and picturesque. Special mention must be made for the thousand of sea caves that you can visit either swimming or by boat. Close to Paxoi lies Antipaxoi with two very beautiful beaches. One more thing to notice when you come to Paxoi: forget sand, all the beaches are covered with round, white pebbles of various sizes. Inside a big sea cave that used to be a submarine base during world war II.

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