Paros is a very beautiful and famous island in the middle of the archipelago of Cyclades. It is quite big and has two main villages: Paroikia (which is the capital) and Naoussa. Paroikia is very densly populated and busy during the summer season with a lot of bars, restaurants and boats coming into the port of Paros. However, if you move away from the beach very picturesque white houses with naroow streets and friendly local people await you. It's very easy to get lost but who cares! Naoussa on the other hand is extremely beautiful, quite and unspoilt. It located at the inner side of a very beautiful gulf, with a lot of extraordinary beaches, like "Kolibithres" and "Agios Giannhs". The most famous beach of the island, the "Golden Coast" lies at the south of the island. Thousands of windsurfers from arounf the globe practice here every summer. Walking around the busy narrow streets of Paroikia. Notice how close the balconies are. 

Me at "Kolibithres"!

Don't worry; more photos will follow soon! :-)