Kerkyra (or Corfu) is one of the most famous Greek islands. It is located in North-Western Greece, very close to the Albanian shore. Corfu is the biggest of the Ionian islands and its history goes back to Homer. It is a very big island with many small villages and one very big capital that its houses still have the Enetial style. They are tall and close to each other, so very narrow streets cross the old city. The two Enetian castles, along with the palace, the noumerous churches and Spianada, the largest square of Europe, complement the beauty of the city. Many beaches of different style and colour, many touristic resorts and a dense network of narrow and dangerous country roads through dense olive oil forests constitute the mosaic of the countryside. Sidari is a very extraordinary place at the north with strange "fiords". People (including myself) dive from the cliffs. There is a cave called "the tunnel of love" that you can swim from one fiord to another through the solid rock!

Don't worry; more photos will follow soon! :-)