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Studies & Research


  • PhD in "Intelligent Information Retrieval and Extraction Using Conceptual Graphs" at the Department of Informatics
    of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2006)
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bristol, UK (1997)
  • BSc in Physics at the Physics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1995)

Research Interests

My research interest is focused on knowledge based techniques and methodologies for improving the web experience of
the user and the e-learner. More specifically:

  • Semantic Browsing with Dynamic and Typed Hyperlinks.
    We use conceptual graphs to selectively encode the knowledge of some domain and use this semantic layer, together with an enhanced web browser, to provide to the user dynamic contextual hyperlinks to related content.
    The approach can be adapted to other types of media such as video.
  • AI Techniques for Curricula Synthesis.
    Using well established AI techniques, such as production systems and automated planning, we synthesize individualized curricula that cover a given learning need. We make extensive use of various educational metadata specifications (LOM, LIP, etc) to describe the learning objects and the learner, as well as ontological knowledge to describe the learning objectives.
  • Web Content Extraction.
    We have established a conceptual graph based framework for web content extraction that allows the adoption of heterogeneous extraction techniques, such as wrapper induction, direct modelling, visual modelling, ontology based, etc. We cover complex extraction cases using synergies of individual, specialized extraction rules and examine the potential of such wrapping techniques for semantic annotation of web pages of the non-semantic web.
    Additionaly, we have developed DEiXTo (or ΔEiXTo if your browser supports Greek fonts) a DOM based, graphical, extraction rule builder and executor. DEiXTo produces XML encoded extraction rules that can be executed either by DEiXTo or a stand-alone executor written in Perl.

Participation in Research Projects

  • 2005-2008: SWIM: Development of an Intelligent System for the management of Semantic Web Services.
    Funded by the Greek R&D General Secretariat (PENED 2003).
  • 2005-2006: SWEL: Planning systems in the semantic web for e-learning.
    Funded by the Greek Ministry of Education under the PYTHAGORAS II action.
  • 1997-1998: ExperNet: Development of a distributed expert system for the management of a national network.
    Funded by European Union under the INCO-Copernicus program.
  • 1996-1997: MERMAID: Development of an Intelligent Drug Information System for a Ship's Medical Cabinet.
    Part of the MERMAID project, funded by the European Union under the TELEMEDICINE program.

Scientific Memberships