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  • F. Kokkoras, "D-WMS: A Distributed Version of a CLP-based Workforce Management System", M.Sc. Thesis, Computer Science Department, University of Bristol, UK, September 1996.
  • F. Kokkoras, "Intelligent Information Retrieval and Extraction using Conceptual Graphs", PhD thesis (in Greek), Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, June 2006.

Books (in Greek)

  • Ι. Βλαχάβας, Π. Κεφαλάς, Ν. Βασιλειάδης, Ι. Ρεφανίδης, Φ. Κόκκορας, Ι. Σακελλαρίου, "Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη", Εκδόσεις Γαρταγάνη, ISBN 960-7013-28-X, 600 σελ., 2002.
  • Ι. Βλαχάβας, Π. Κεφαλάς, Ν. Βασιλειάδης, Φ. Κόκκορας, Ι. Σακελλαρίου, "Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη: Γ' Έκδοση", Εκδόσεις Β. Γκιούρδας, ISBN 960-387-432-0, 900 σελ., 2006.

Book Chapters

  • F. Kokkoras, D. Sampson and I. Vlahavas, "A Knowledge Based Approach on Educational Meta-data Use", Advances in Informatics, Y. Manolopoulos, S. Evripidou, A. Kakas (eds), 8th Pan-Hellenic conference on informatics, PCI 2001, Nicosia, Cyprus, November 8-10, 2001. Revised se-lected papers. LNCS 2563, Springer Berlin, pp.201-216, 2003.
  • N. Bassiliades, F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas and D. Sampson, "An Intelligent Educational Metadata Repository", Intelligent Systems, Techniques and Applications, C.T. Leondes (ed), vol. 4, Ch. 12, pp. 297-337, CRC Press, 2003.
  • F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, "Aggregator: A Knowledge based Comparison Chart Builder for e-Shopping", Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems: Business and Technology in the New Millennium, C.T. Leondes (Ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol. 1: Knowledge-Based Systems, Ch. 6, CRC Press, 2005.

Journal Papers

  • F. Kokkoras and I. Vlahavas, "COMFRESH: A common framework for expert systems and hyper-text", Information Processing & Management, Pergamon, Elsevier, vol. 31(4), pp. 593-604, 1996.
  • F. Kokkoras, H. Jiang, I. Vlahavas, A. Elmagarmid, E. Houstis and W. Aref, "Smart Video Text: A Conceptual Graph based Video Data Model", Multimedia Systems, vol. 8, pp. 328-338, ACM-Springer, 2002.
  • D. Vrakas, G. Tsoumakas, F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, D. Anagnostopoulos, "PASER: A Curricula Synthesis System based on Automated Problem Solving", International Journal on Teaching and Case Studies, Special Issue on "Information Systems: The New Research Agenda, the Emerging Curriculum and the New Teaching Paradigm", Inderscience, Vol. 1, Nos. 1/2, pp. 159-170, 2007.
  • E. Kontopoulos, D. Vrakas, F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, "An Ontology-based Planning System for e-Course Generation", Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, 37 (1), to appear, 2007.

Conference Papers

  • F. Kokkoras and S. Gregory, "D-WMS: Distributed Workforce Management using CLP", Proc. 4th Int. Conference
    on the Practical Applications of Constraint Technology (PACT'98), London, UK, 25-27 March, 1998, pp.129-146.
    Also in: Advanced Software Applications using Logic and Constraints, A Compulog Net Indus-trial Conference at JICSLP'98, Manchester, 18 June, 1998. (invited paper)
  • F. Kokkoras, D. Sampson, I. Vlahavas, "CG-PerLS: Conceptual Graphs for Personalized Learning Systems", in Proc. 8th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Livani Publishing Organization, Vol. 2, pp. 531-540, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2001.
  • N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas and F. Kokkoras, "Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence", in Proc. of Workshop on Education of Informaticians and Industrial Mathematicians: New Challenges and Needs, pp. 31-49, Ohrid, FYROM, 2001.
  • F. Kokkoras and I. Vlahavas, "eLPA: An e-Learner's Personal Assistant", in electronic Proc. of Workshop on "Applications of Conceptual Graphs", 10th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS'2002, Borovets, Bulgaria, July 2002.
  • F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas, "Metadata aware peer-to-peer agents for the e-learner". in Proc. 6th Hellenic-European Conference on Computer Mathematics and its Applications, HERCMA 2003, E. Lipitakis (Ed.), pp.355-360, Athens, Greece, September 25-27, 2003.
  • I. Sakellariou, F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas, "Applying a Distributed CLP Platform to a Workforce Management Problem", Proc. 12th Conference on Intelligent Systems Application to Power Systems (ISAP '03), 2003.
  • F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, "Modeling Information Extraction Wrappers with Conceptual Graphs", in Proc. 3rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Samos, Greece, May 2004.
  • D. Vrakas, F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, "Towards Automatic Synthesis of Educational Resources through Automated Planning", in Proc. 4th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, G. Antoniou, G. Potamias, C. Spyropoulos, D. Plexousakis (Eds.), Springer Berlin, LNCS 3955, pp.421-431, Heraklion, Greece, 2006.
  • F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas, "Cooperative CG-Wrappers for Web Content Extraction", Proc. 15th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS '07), U. Priss, S. Polovina, and R. Hill (Eds.), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, LNAI 4604, pp. 476-479, Sheffield, UK, 2007.

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